Dom + Drew

A Glittering Dream at Glasshaus Outside

"We haven’t stopped looking at the photos and videos, they are truly out of this world!"Dom + Drew

The last party we captured before Melbourne’s COVID lockdown, and holy crapballs, what a spectacular send-off it was.

Dom + Drew are Bowie-loving, ever-smily, colour-popping gems, and their Glasshaus Outside wedding was a perfect reflection of this stylish duo’s combined super powers. We could roll off a tonne of superlatives right now, but maybe just have a look for yourself… it’s a wild and sparkling ride.

Film Soundtrack kindly provided by Riley and the Roxies.

Featured on Hello May.

“From the moment we laid our eyes on the portfolio of Alastair’s & Lucy’s work during our initial wedding planning, we had absolutely no doubts in our mind they were the people we’d yearned for to document our special day. The expansive & incredibly impressive back catalogue made our “research” an absolute treat, so we contacted them and waited with baited breath, hopeful we were early enough in our planning to snag the power duo. We were so fortunate to learn they were available and were excited to get the wheels in motion.

From the very first FaceTime we had, all of our appreciation for their work was matched by an immediate attraction to their approachable & friendly nature – further reinforcing how happy & lucky we were to find them available for our day! In the year leading up to our wedding, they were always readily available to provide their industry advice & nous which we found really beneficial and handy. During this time, we also must admit that we often found ourselves again perusing their photos & videos, excited to imagine their work with us as the subjects!

We couldn’t have been happier with Alastair & Lucy, both during our wedding day and upon seeing their incredible work capturing it. Throughout the day they were both so professional and adept at making sure they documented every moment but always did so in a manner that felt completely natural – with us often forgetting they were even there! Their friendly nature also provided a lot of comfort, feeling so much more familiar than people we’d only just met in person for the first time that day!

The photos & video were absolutely everything we imagined them to be, when we first found stumbled across their work the year previous. We’ve had so many people claim their work to be the best wedding photos/video they have seen, which is a true testament to the quality and style of their work.

Thanks guys. Will be forever grateful x” – Dom + Drew



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