Nala + Joel

Glorious Chaos at Gather & Tailor

"You guys have been amazing - we really can't thank you enough for what you have produced for us."Joel + Nala

For their Gather and Tailor wedding, the wonderfully creative Nala + Joel took ‘doing things your way’ to the next level. Throwing almost every standard wedding tradition aside, they filled their day with Chinese dragon dancers, energetic live calligraphy, deafening fire crackers, and a Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover band. Because why the hell not.

Starting with just few minutes of portraits, followed by a multi course feast, then a quick ceremony in the round (with friends and family as ‘celebrants’ – the official forms were signed another day), before kicking off with all the joyous mayhem. Nala + Joel knew that a wedding can be almost anything you want it to be… and theirs was one for the ages.

Film Soundtrack kindly provided by The Soft Pipes and Alex Rose.



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