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As Lucy sat down outside a pub in Melbourne’s inner north, a mutual friend introduced her to Alastair. “You two will get along,” the friend said.
While on their first date, Lucy watched Alastair’s series of video diaries – detailing moments from his daily adventures – and her brain exploded with ideas. His style of natural and engaging storytelling matched perfectly with her own, so she asked if he’d like to collaborate.
She Takes Pictures He Makes Films was born.


Lucy Spartalis

After studying in Adelaide at the Centre for Creative Photography, Lucy made the move to Melbourne in 2009 to further her career. Along with her success as a wedding photographer, she spends her time shooting bands, portraits and editorials.

She loves to eat the food I cook and often inhales it before I’ve had the chance to ask if she likes it. She’s a film buff, a passionate designer (her first furniture line is in the works), and a handy team member on music trivia nights due to a decade of working in record stores.

She brings out the best in even the most camera shy with her infectious energy.

You’ll like her. I do.

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Alastair Innes

Alastair grew up in breathtaking New Zealand, and came to Australia to study film. After 10 years in Brisbane, he’s made himself a home in the somewhat less sunny Melbourne. What it may lack in sunshine and accessible surf beaches, it makes up for with great food, culture and charming redheads.

In his spare time he likes to hone his mad cooking skills, potter around our Dandenong Ranges garden, hunt down the best surf spots, and – when possible – travel the world with me.

He has a dry wit, kind heart, impenetrable zen-like aura, and a salt and pepper beard. I enjoy pointing out the greys as they appear. He doesn’t enjoy it as much.

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