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We’ve spent over ten year shooting weddings together around Australia and overseas – from the tiniest elopements to the most opulent extravaganzas. For fresh young things and for long-time lovers. For super-fancy types and for no-frills folks. On snowy mountaintops and in dingy dive bars. The tea ceremonies, the horas; the most sacred traditions and the most chaotic dance floors. 

We capture how it all feels: the glorious emotion, beauty and mayhem of your unforgettable day. We love creating magical portraits for you to frame and share, and to document all the gorgeous styling details… but for the rest of the day, we focus on the real stuff. Those in-between moments that you’ll cherish: the huge laughs, the happy tears, the epic dance floor action. We cover it all, so you can stay in the moment and enjoy every minute, knowing you’ll be able to relive it all again and again through your photos and films.

Love those analogue vibes? We offer 35mm/120mm film add-ons using a mix of iconic cameras from various eras for that dreamy, nostalgic feel.

We’d love to hear about your plans, however big or small – we’d be thrilled to capture your day for you.


Lucy Spartalis

After studying in Adelaide at the Centre for Creative Photography, Lucy made the move to Melbourne in 2009 to further her career. Along with her success as a wedding photographer, she spends her time shooting bands, portraits and editorials.

She loves to eat the food I cook and often inhales it before I’ve had the chance to ask if she likes it. She’s a passionate host, always bringing friends together for excellent times. She’s a film buff, with a highly tuned ear for music and an ever-growing vinyl collection after a decade of working in record stores. She has a great sense of style (mostly ’70s inspired), and is quite a creative powerhouse, with a keen eye for colour and composition – whether she’s taking a photo or creating beautiful spaces around our home.

And she absolutely loves a party.

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Alastair Innes

Alastair grew up in breathtaking New Zealand, and came to Australia to study film. After 10 years in Brisbane, he made himself a home in the somewhat less sunny Melbourne. What it may lack in sunshine and accessible surf beaches, it makes up for with great food, culture and charming redheads.

In his spare time he likes to hone his mad cooking skills, potter around our Dandenong Ranges garden, take our Kelpie X Border Collie (Taika) on endless hikes and adventures, hunt down the best surf spots, and travel the world with me.

He has a dry wit, kind heart, impenetrable zen-like aura, and a salt and pepper beard. I enjoy pointing out the greys as they appear. He doesn’t enjoy it as much.

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