35mm and 120 film samples from work and life, captured on a range of iconic cameras from various eras.
The subway station at 79th and Broadway, captured on 120 film.
The coastline of the North Island of New Zealand.
Super 8 recording at sunset on Hindmarsh Island, SA.
The streets of Old Havana, captured on 120 film.
A man in the street on Kastellorizo, Greece. Captured on 120 film.
Children playing in Havana, Cuba. Photo by Lucy Spartalis.
Early morming Cape Paterson surf check with our Kelpie x Border Collie.
In the studio with a local sculptor on the island of Kastellorizo, Greece
Walking through the streets of Seville, Spain.
Bleeker Street Pizza, shot on 120 film.
On the way to the surf in Byron Bay. On 120 film.