Chenoa + Jamie

A Glasshaus Inside Elopement

"You are amazing! That phrase gets thrown around a lot, but you really are."Chenoa + Jamie

The Stage 3 restrictions for Melbourne’s Covid-19 battle kicked in only a day before Chenoa + Jamie’s wedding date. Their exisiting plans were for a small gathering of only family and close friends, but now things would have to be even more intimate, and to make sure no-one would miss out, family and friends would now be tuning in via Zoom.

We knew we had to find a way to make their wedding film a truly special one; to somehow encapsulate the whole story of their day, for everyone involved, and to celebrate the fact that, despite an isolating global pandemic, love (and wonderful technology) keeps us all together.

We got word out to the couple’s family and friends, encouraging them to film their at-home experience of Chenoa + Jamie’s joyous and moving ceremony, so that we could weave their perspectives into the couple’s film. We’re so thrilled with the result, and are excited to share it with you now. We hope you can feel what we all felt on that incredible day… standing in an almost empty room that still felt full to the brim with love.

Film Soundtrack kindly provided by Allebasi. Title illustration by Caro Facelli.

We planned to be married in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand on July 9th 2020. Our flights booked, venue sorted and our photographer organised to meet us there. However, the 60 people ceremony and reception, overlooking Lake Hawea, was not meant to be…

The world had to adapt and overcome. So, we organised wedding number two. We could have a twenty person wedding with immediate family at the Glasshaus, a plant nursery in Richmond, Melbourne. However, in the 11th hour (or 11:59pm on the 8th of July to be exact), new restrictions meant we could only have five people, this was including the celebrant, videographer, photographer and the Bride and Groom. We called up Lucy and Alastair and explained that we were going ahead. They would be our witnesses!

Endlessly accommodating and with a great amount of support from start to finish. Lucy and Al made us feel at-ease and taken care of the whole way. What they have produced in a considerably challenging time for brides and grooms everywhere, captures every bit of emotion and tells a story of love that we can show to everyone who couldn’t be there on the day. They created such an incredible piece of work which we will cherish forever. We would not change it for the world. Thank you L & A” – Chenoa + Jamie



This was a very, very special day.