Pricing + FAQs

Photo Collection (Micro Wedding / Elopement)

$3290 inc GST

In these unusual times, you might be looking at an elopement style wedding – or maybe a private ceremony (or an intimate one with <25 guests) has always been your jam?

We love shooting these types of celebrations, and would be honoured to be part of your intimate day.

  • 3 hours of photography
  • 250+ edited, high resolution photos, provided in an online gallery – perfect for sharing with family and friends
  • Includes travel within 100 kms of Melbourne (additional fees for longer distances)
    Outside of COVID restrictive periods, bookings only available on off peak days.

Film + Photo Collection (Micro Wedding / Elopement)

$6290 inc GST

For those who want both photos and a film of their intimate celebration – everything included in the Photo Collection (Micro Wedding/Elopement) package, plus:

  • 3 hours of cinematography
  • Finely crafted 3+ minute film
  • Licensed soundtrack (1 song)
    ‘Special Features’ film also available – get in touch for more info.
    Outside of COVID restrictive periods, bookings only available on off peak days.

Photo Collection

$5490 inc GST

Extensive coverage of your day presented in a beautiful online gallery, ready to be shared with family and friends.

  • 8 hours of photography
  • A minimum of 650 carefully edited photos
  • Includes travel within 100 kms of Melbourne (additional fees for longer distances)
    Extra hours $300 each (shorter bookings also available).
    Book with any Wedding Film package to save $300 off your total service fees.

Wedding Film

$4690 inc GST

Extensive coverage of your day to provide a modern and cinematic wedding film experience.

Alastair crafts every one of his short Wedding Films to suit each unique couple and their day, meticulously editing dynamic visuals to a carefully selected musical soundtrack.

  • 8 hours of cinematography
  • Finely crafted 6-8 minute film
  • Licensed soundtrack (2 songs)
  • Includes travel within 100 kms of Melbourne (additional fees for longer distances)
    Extra hours $300 each (s
    horter bookings also available).
    Book with any Photo Collection (excluding Micro Wedding/Elopement) package to save $300 off your total service fees.

Album + Photo Collection

$7390 inc GST

There’s nothing quite like seeing your memories in print.

Our 10 x 10″ hardcover albums are a stunning keepsake to treasure, and to pass down through future generations. The layout of each of the 80 lay-flat fine art pages is carefully designed to present your photos in an eye catching, elegant and contemporary way.

Includes everything listed in the Photo Collection package, plus…

  • A 10 x 10″ 80 page hardcover album, featuring up to 220 images from your day
  • 3 rounds of online drafts, to ensure you’re 100% happy with the album design (additional drafts $150 each)
  • View album examples here
    After wedding day: 10 x 10″ albums priced at $2200 – book beforehand to save $300.
    Book with any Wedding Film package to save $300 off your total service fees.

Wedding Film + Special Features

$5290 inc GST

Includes everything listed in the Wedding Film package, plus:

  • A separate ‘Special Features’ film featuring audiovisual recordings of  your vows, exchange of rings and first kiss, plus the reception speeches, presented amongst beautiful montages from your day
    Only available if booked in before the wedding day.
    Book with any Photo Collection (excluding Micro Wedding/Elopement) package to save $300 off your total service fees.

Album + Parent Albums + Photo Collection

$9390 inc GST

Matching smaller albums – perfect gifts for your families. Includes everything listed in the Album + Photo Collection package, plus:

  • Two 8 x 8″ 80 page hardcover albums, identical to the main album (individual price $1000 each)
  • View album examples here
    After wedding day: 10 x 10″ albums priced at $2200, and 8 x 8″ albums at $1200 each (book beforehand to save $700).
    Book with any Wedding Film package to save $300 off your total service fees.


Wedding Film + Special Features + Rough Cut

$5890 inc GST

Everything included in the Wedding Film + Special Features package, plus:

  • An untouched Rough Cut film; all of the footage captured throughout the day, presented in chronological order, along with any audio captured whilst filming.
    Only available if booked in before wedding day.
    Book with any Photo Collection (excluding Micro Wedding/Elopement) package to save $300 off your total service fees.


Will it just be the two of you taking our photographs and filming on the day?

Yep, just us. No big crew getting in the way of the emotion, no massive tripods and rigging ruining the atmosphere, no studio lighting blocking people’s views.

Our clients often tell us, ‘We barely even knew you were there!’. This is our favourite thing to hear.

We never crowd you or make you feel overwhelmed; we ebb and flow around each other, taking turns to capture moments, never getting in the way. After all, it’s not a photo shoot, it’s your wedding day.

*Sometimes we will bring an assistant, but they won’t be holding a camera – they’ll just be there to give us a helping hand with gear, etc.

Where are you based? Will you travel interstate/overseas?

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. When we’re not restricted due to a global pandemic, we travel all the time, and we’ll go anywhere; our passports are ready.

We’ve been lucky enough to capture incredible celebrations in Sweden, France, Thailand, New Zealand, Portugal, USA, Indonesia, Fiji and all throughout Australia; we’re always thrilled at the chance to work in exotic places, and just as thrilled to shoot in a local Aussie pub.

For weddings more than 100kms out of Melbourne we’ll need you to cover some of our travel expenses. For overseas weddings we can offer you special rates to make things much more affordable.

What do we receive after the wedding?

From Lucy:

650+ carefully edited photos in an online gallery – from here you can share, download, and print your memories to your heart’s content.  No restrictions, no up-selling later on from us, you’re good to go.

For those who love tangible treasures, we can create a beautiful album for you (highly recommended – seeing your memories on a page is the shiz). Please see the next FAQ for more info.

From Alastair:

Just like with Lucy’s photos, Alastair’s editing process plays an intrinsic role in giving films their magic, cinematic feeling. He creates beautiful 6 – 8 minute films and sets them to a musical soundtrack, capturing the whole story of the day in a creative and truly engaging way.

If you select the Wedding Film + Special Features package, Alastair will also provide you with second film, featuring audiovisual recordings of the core part your ceremony (your vows, ring exchange, and announcement as husband and wife), as well as the speeches from the reception – all tied up with beautiful montages from your day.

If you’re interested in having the raw footage from the day, please see further down.

We'd like an album of our photos, can you help us with that?

We’d love to. In our increasingly digital age, there’s nothing like seeing your gorgeous memories in print. Lucy crafts each of her albums from scratch, customised to suit each individual couple – a tangible treasure to pass down through future generations.

The Album + Photo Collection package includes a 10 x 10″ hardcover Fine Art Album, featuring up to 150 photos from your day, printed directly onto 80 pages of fine art paper (extra spreads can be added), with unlimited stunning options for the cover design.

Looking for a thank you gift for your parents or close friends? The Album + Parent Albums + Photo Collection package includes two matching 8 x 8″ albums, identical to the main album.

Check out some album examples.

*Book your album/s in before the wedding day and save $300+

Will we meet before the big day?

Absolutely. We chat with all of our clients over Zoom/Facetime in the lead up to their big day, and are always eager to help with planning, scheduling, or sharing other tips we’ve accumulated over the years.

If we need to postpone our wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will this be okay? Will we be charged a fee?

If Covid-19 restrictions get in the way of your day, the last thing you need is to be hit with extra charges! We’ll work closely with you to find a new date that suits everyone, and won’t charge any postponement fees.

Please note that the Booking Fee (30% of the total service fees) is non-refundable if your wedding is moved to a date when we aren’t available – but with all the bookings that’ve already been rescheduled, this hasn’t happened once. We’ll find you a new perfect date to let loose!

How do you feel about LGBTQ+ marriages?

All marriages are equal – it’s nuts that Australian laws took so long to recognise this.
We’re thrilled to work with so many incredible and diverse couples… whoever you are, we’d be honoured to capture your love.

Can we have the raw footage from the day?

Sure thing! The Wedding Film + Special Features + Rough Cut package includes a third film, a ‘Rough Cut’ – a chronological stream of all the footage from your day.

This feature isn’t edited to music; instead, you’ll be able to hear all the random bits of conversations and sounds that Alastair captured throughout the day – with quite a few classic moments in the mix!

How long will you shoot for on the day?

We’ve found that 8 hours usually covers a wedding day perfectly – allowing us to capture some of your prep time, right through to the dance-floor shenanigans.

We’re happy to stick around longer! Extra hours can be added for $300 per photographer/videographer, per hour.

If you don’t think you need us for the full day, shorter bookings are also available.

What do you do to the photos + film?

From Lucy:

I work with the colour palette, soften and sharpen certain areas, and adjust the contrast. I don’t reshape people’s bodies or drastically change the look of anything (but having said that – if you’re sporting an unfortunate pimple in the middle of your nose on the day, I’ll get rid of it for you).

I provide all of your images in colour, as well as additional black and white versions of the ones that really lend themselves to that style (usually around 20% of the images).

From Alastair:

For the Wedding Film, I carefully edit all of the important and beautiful visual moments from your day to a musical soundtrack – telling you story in an impactful and cinematic way. I colour grade the footage to look as beautiful as possible. I don’t overlay any awkward dialogue, because let’s face it – most of us aren’t professional public speakers, so it’s often best to leave it to the visuals to tell a breathtaking story.

In the Wedding Film + Special Features package, I create a second film for you; one which includes audio and visuals from the day, covering the ‘core’ part of the ceremony (the ring exchange, vows and first kiss), and the speeches from the reception, with montages from your day at the beginning and end, creating a beautiful extra feature for you to enjoy.

What equipment do you use?

We shoot on Nikon and Sony gear.

We like to keep everything stripped-back, so your wedding doesn’t feel like a movie set! Alastair only occasionally uses a tripod, and also has a small gimbal – a camera stabiliser for moving shots. Lucy only uses flash if it’s absolutely necessary – usually just for fun (drunken) moments on the dance floor.

We have plenty of back-up gear for emergencies.

We really don’t like posing, will that be a problem?

Not at all. We thrive on capturing people being their natural selves – laughing, chatting, gettin’ down on the dance floor. We’ll capture the honest moments that happen through your day – that’s the really good stuff, anyway!

Whilst our approach is mostly unobtrusive, we’re very happy take a more directorial role during your portrait shoot if need be. We hate having our photos taken, so we get how intimidating it can be! We’ll keep the ‘directions’ casual – just enough guidance so you’re not standing there thinking ‘what do I do with my hands?!?’ (it’a thing).

Can we make big prints out of the photo files?

Huge. The files we provide are all you’ll need to make big enlargements for your wall – no ugly watermarks, no need to contact us for higher resolution or larger versions. You’re good to go.

How is the music chosen for the Wedding Film?

We listen to the music you play throughout your day to get a great sense of what you like, and source a soundtrack that suits you and the feel of the day. It’s illegal to use popular hits without paying huge fees (and rightly so!); we license music from talented emerging artists from around Australia and the world, for a small fee that’s built into the price of the film.

There are tonnes of incredible artists out there producing truly awesome music, and you’ll have the knowledge that not only are you directly supporting new talent, but your film’s soundtrack will be unique to you. You won’t associate your wedding film soundtrack with anything other than your day, making it so much more special and personal!

We love the process of finding the perfect music to suit your film, it’s as important to us as the footage – and we have really good taste. We realise we’re biased, but still… it’s true.

Do you scout for locations before the wedding?

If the wedding is taking place somewhere where there aren’t many obvious portrait locations, we may go for a scout a few days before, but this is very rarely necessary. We both find shooting on the fly really exciting; planning a shoot down to each minute makes it feel too structured, and doesn’t allow for the magical little moments that happen when you just go with the flow.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

Yes please! All day photography and cinematography takes a tonne of energy, so if you could cater for us and our assistant that would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe cater extra for Lucy (her appetite knows no bounds).

Do we need to provide a 'shot list' to you?

Nope – we shoot like photojournalists, capturing the day how it naturally unfolds. A shot list takes the spontaneity out of the experience, and won’t allow us to be creative and be truly ‘in the moment’.

All we need is a running sheet for the day with important addresses and phone numbers, and a list of which family portraits you’d like taken (we recommend a maximum 8 groups, to keep things moving). You can leave the rest up to us – don’t worry, we love capturing even the tiniest of details!

How soon after the wedding will we receive the photo collection and film/s?

You can expect delivery of your photo collection within approximately 8 weeks of the big day, and your film/s within around 12 weeks (meticulously editing each film is a very involved process!). Currently, due to all the postponed weddings from lockdown being rescheduled to dates this year, we’re working through a higher number of projects than we normally would – as a result, our deliveries are a little delayed, allowing us to give each film and photo collection the attention they deserve.

Hoping to share a few gorgeous moments with loved ones quickly after the day? Don’t worry, we’ll send you a little ‘sneak peek’ photo gallery soon after the wedding, to keep you going until the whole collection is ready.

Once we've booked, do we speak to you much before the wedding?

Of course! We’re always available to chat and help you with any concerns or ideas you have.

We love to stay in touch with our clients in the lead up to (and after) the wedding day – it’s this connection that helps you to feel comfortable, and helps us to create beautiful photo collections and films for you to treasure.

How do we lock in a booking?

If you’re ready to book, we’ll send out our paperwork and get things happening! Once the forms are complete and we’ve received a 30% booking fee, we’ll be good to go.

Let’s do this!