Mel + Kareim

A Camping Wedding in South Australia

"We're truly in awe of the results.”Mel + Kareim

Want a fabulous party? Bring dozens of Irish and Aussie legends together in the sprawling South Australian wine country; give them a rollicking folk band, a sunny summer’s day, mountains of delicious food and booze… and make sure there are plenty of tents nearby. The night isn’t going to end early – accommodation should be only a few steps (or stumbles) away.

We had an absolute blast with these two and their wonderful loved ones; we hope you enjoy their day through our eyes.

Film soundtrack kindly provided by Roesy and Common, Dear.

Featured on Nouba.

“Our film and photographs were something we didn’t want to compromise on, and we’re truly in awe of the results. Lucy and Alastair captured the ambiance, joy and feel of the day perfectly. We cannot recommend them enough!” – Mel + Kareim